“. . . But the seventh sister turned her gaze, seeking a fresh vision.”

Theatre of the Seventh Sister announces its 2016-2017 season! Click here more for information.

Dear Friends of TSS,

I am so pleased to be able to say that my home city, Lancaster, PA, currently offers a lot of different theatre experiences. And I am proud to be able to give much of the credit for this robust theatre scene to a small group of local artists who came together in 1989. They were joined by a shared mission: to draw Lancaster theatergoers away from the comfort zone of mere entertainment and toward theater that explored the big questions. They were the founders of Theater of the Seventh Sister.

Nearly three decades later, the new members of our artistic ensemble carried TSS’s founding vision into the 2015-2016 Season. We took theatergoers into exciting territory by premiering the original plays of two local playwrights, Paul Hood and John Reshetar. For our mainstage production, we transported audiences to Ireland with Frank McCourt’s The Irish… and How They Got That Way. SkibereenThrough storytelling and song, our performers were so successful that one audience member from Ireland told us that, for a couple of hours, we had relieved her homesickness!

As we plan for next season, to once again, create a beautiful patchwork of inspiring theater, we demonstrate our founding vision of “seeking”, but we cannot do it without your help. Therefore, I ask you to consider two things. First, that Theater of the Seventh Sister is an artistic pioneer that offers an invaluable service to this community. Secondly, that you might offer a generous contribution to help support Theater of the Seventh Sister’s 2016-2017 Season.

With your help, Seventh Sister now turns and beholds a new season. Thank you for making this possible!


Cynthia Charles

Executive and Artistic Director

Mail contribution to: Theater of the Seventh Sister

 PO Box 276, Lancaster, PA 17608-0276

or visit  www.seventhsister.com/donate to make a tax-deductible contribution online. Thank you!

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