During our 2011/12 Season Seventh Sister produced 32 events including 3 MainStage productions:


Taken from actual transcripts of US veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the play takes a hard look at the challenges the vetrans face as they try to reenter their former lives here at home!




A Christmas Carol

Our production has been called “The Best Christmas Carol Ever” and the Lancaster New Era said it “Sings of Seventh Sister’s Talent.”  Once again Theater of the Seventh Sister took the timeless message of Charles Dickens’ classic to heart and offered every single performance as Pay-What-You-Will.  No one was turned away even if they could only pay $1.  It must have truly tickled old Scrooge’s soul.


The Grapes of Wrath

At a time when corporations are considered “people” … at a time when Wall Street nearly generated another “Great Depression” … at a time when unions are once again reviled and the target of owners and government harassment … at a time when the small family farm is almost nonexistent – we thought it might be time to revisit John Steinbeck’s seminal classic!


During Our 23rd Season We Also Inaugurated

The American Dream Series

299 artists worked on our stage during our 23rd season!


“I just wanted to say thanks! and bravo!” … The American Dream Series is “unusual and exciting… a dream come true”

This past season we invited artists from our entire region to bring work they really wanted to do … and they came by the hundreds.  299 actors appeared on the STAHR stage this past season.   They came from Lancaster, Philadelphia and New York bringing unique and compelling productions to the our stage.


We also offered our Sister Arts Series including ….

The Winter Dance Festival

Our 20th Annual Winter Dance Festival was a celebration of the choreographer.  Over 18 different choreographers brought a variety of original works including Modern, Ballet, Aerial, Hula, Chinese and Tap.  The first and still the best of its kind in Lancaster County!



The Spoken Word Festival

Our 10th Annual Spoken Word Festival again lifted the poems off the page an placed them on the stage … and the theater filled not only with the words but poetic energy itself.   Poets and Storytellers performed their original works to the delight of young and old.  Over 22 artists participated this past May.  Audiences agreed “it was the best one ever”!





The NakedEye Ensemble

We hosted The NakedEye Ensemble’s incredible contemporary classical/rock concert Story Lines Crossing.  Dr. Ju-Ping Song gathered multi-talented professional classical and rock musicians to present an evening of original multi-disciplinary contemporary works!  The cutting edge performace represented composers from New York and Philadelphia as well as Europe.  It was  a fascinating evening of truly exciting contemporary music. “The NakedEye did a tremendous job.” “The venue was fantastic.”

Tom and Laurie Reese

Tom and Laurie have been long time supporters of Music at the STAHR. Their Christmas Through The Ages is a wonderful annual holiday event.  They’ve brought the Sunday Night Music Series to us and their silent film classics with live original music has been a real treat for us all.


Shakespeare at Rock Ford Plantation

After producing Free Shakespeare in Long’s Park for 14 years we took a hiatus to establish our theater in the Stahr Armory.  Last summer we were extremely happy to return to our outdoor accessible Shakespeare with our inaugural production of Shakespeare at historic Rock Ford Plantation.  Our production of Twelfth Night was a rollicking success and benefited immensely from the incredible setting on the porch of the beautiful colonial mansion, the incredible sunsets and the deer calmly wandering through the old apple orchard.  We hope to co-produce many more shows at Rock Ford.


Shakespeare Camp for Teens

Our 15th Annual Shakespeare Camp for Teens continued with a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  The Teen campers not only performed but they participated in all aspects of the production.  Guided by our staff they engaged in the decision making and execution that resulted in this fully mounted Shakespearean favorite.  It’s theater! It’s project management! It’s group process!  IT’S FUNNNNNNN!



Penn’s Holy Experiment: The Seed of a Nation!

Our heritage drama focuses on Lancaster and the role it played in the making of our nation.  The production was honored by being asked to be remounted as a centerpiece of Lancaster Roots 300 … the 300th celebration of the arrival of the Mennonites in Lancaster County.  The play reveals the human side of history through the stories of 5 different families whose paths intersect in colonial Lancaster County.

We are continuing development of the project so that it becomes an ongoing, tourist focused heritage drama.

We Also Hosted …

The annual Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival for the fourth year.  Our policy making the theater affordable to local charities gave us the opportunity to help two local charities generate much needed income. We continued our commitment to multiple local arts groups through our Artistic Village events by making the theater available to them at very affordable prices and we generously contributed season passes and tickets to our productions to various local charities to assist their fundraising efforts!