Shakespeare Face to Face Residency

Week of May 8th, 2017 at Lancaster Country Day School

Our Shakespeare Face-to-Face program helps you to achieve your education standards by engaging students in three distinct educational processes: observation and analysis, interpretation and creation, and presentation. Pivotal scenes from Romeo & Juliet or Julius Caesar, presented in your classroom, bring your students “face-to-face” with Shakespeare’s characters. Our professional actors bring the focus to character development, providing easy access to Shakespeare’s language, relevancy and the contemporary issues found in his plays.

“The strength of this active program was in both the professional way it was carried out and in the content of the material. Any school looking to increase the value of its education would do so by including this program.”
– teacher response to Shakespeare Face-to-Face

In this innovative and interactive program, our actors also engage your students in a discovery process to show how each character’s choices lead to the events in the play. Extended residencies broaden the experience by providing students the opportunity to write alternative scenes and present their own creations.

“I learned more about Romeo & Juliet and how decisions really affect our lives.”
– student response to Shakespeare Face-to-Face

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