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A small group of local artists were joined together in 1989 by a shared mission: to draw Lancaster theatergoers away from the comfort zone of mere entertainment and toward theater that explored the big questions. They were the founders of Theater of the Seventh Sister. Our 32 year production history includes Main stage, Minority Voices of the American Stage: The African Grove Project and Portales: Gateways to Latino Drama, Free Shakespeare in Long’s Park, Student and Educational Programming: Shakespeare Face to Face, School day Performances of the Classics, Theater for Youth and The Shakespeare Camp for Teens, and, our Sister Arts Series.

Three decades later, the new members of our artistic ensemble continue TSS’s founding vision into 2021-2022 with community collaborations like live productions of the new play Penthesilea: The Woman Who Killed Achilles by Tyler Joseph Rossi, and Emma, The Matchmaker: drawn from Jane Austen, and Voice from the Past all performed at Historic Rockford.

We strive to continue to create a beautiful patchwork of inspiring theater and demonstrate our founding vision of “seeking”, and be an artistic pioneer that offers an invaluable service to this community.

$25 can
provide a working actor with a small stipend to read, research and perform in a Reader’s Theatre production of an original play written by a local playwright, giving some validation to their work as an performing artist.

$250 can
help to ensure that Theater of the Seventh Sister survives to keep the Spoken Word alive in Lancaster, in the form of comedy, drama, verse, story and original works.

$2500 can
provide high school and middle school students with a four-day residency program called Shakespeare Face to Face. Using professional actors, the major scenes of Romeo & Juliet are performed. A narrator provides continuity. While strictly adhering to Shakespeare’s text, Face-to-Face focuses on the decisions each of the characters make and their resulting consequences. Shifting to a more interactive and innovative approach the students take control of the characters and circumstances of the play, ultimately creating their own playlets based on the original situations. This approach gives the students an opportunity to investigate their own decision-making and how the resulting consequences might affect their own lives.

Theater of the Seventh Sister is a non-profit professional theater, which means that we depend upon the generous support of friends and patrons like you! Please click on the Donate button below and you will be directed to PayPal, where you can securely contribute to TSS!

Thank you — to all past and future donors!

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Theater of the Seventh Sister receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency.