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Barbara Barden Dance Series 2021

– A tribute to Barbara Barden

Information coming soon Theater of the Seventh Sister is looking for choreographers to present their work in the Barbara Barden Dance Series later this Fall. We hope you will want to be a part of this venture!

Please let us know if you are interested in participating. 

This concert series will continue the TSS vision of Artistic Village by providing an opportunity for local and regional choreographers to perform their newly created and evolving work. By offering space for creativity for nearly thirty years, TSS has been able to present versatile and provocative Evening Dance Stories and Dance Concerts.

This Dance Series is dedicated to the life of Barbara Barden; local actress, director, and choreographer of many area productions involving High Schools, Operas, Colleges, Dance and Theater Companies; including Theater of the Seventh Sister. TSS hopes to continue her vision of sharing the art of dance with audiences from ages one to one hundred and one!

FOR DANCE SERIES INFORMATION CONTACT: Priscilla Kaufhold 717-606-2360, or Melissa Goodling at

Please Email us for more information.

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