Barbara Barden Dance Series

“Dance wherever you may be” – A tribute to Barbara Barden

Theater of the Seventh Sister is looking for choreographers to present their work in the Barbara Barden Dance Series on November 23rd and 24th at the Lancaster Country Day School. We hope you will want to be a part of this venture! The theme of this year’s show is “Dance wherever you may be” – A Tribute to Barbara Barden. We would like you to think of current or previous choreography that would evoke this theme. Please let us know if you are interested in participating by Friday, Oct. 4, 2019 (or ASAP). 

This concert series will continue the TSS vision of Artistic Village by providing an opportunity for local and regional choreographers to perform their newly created and evolving work. By offering space for creativity for nearly thirty years, TSS has been able to present versatile and provocative Evening Dance Stories and Dance Concerts.

This Dance Series is dedicated to the life of Barbara Barden; local actress, director, and choreographer of many area productions involving High Schools, Operas, Colleges, Dance and Theater Companies; including Theater of the Seventh Sister. TSS hopes to continue her vision of sharing the art of dance with audiences from ages one to one hundred and one!

 Information tech sheets are to be filled out and emailed to Priscilla Kaufhold or Melissa Goodling by October 18, 2019. Tech/Dress Rehearsal is Friday, November 22nd. Please pass this invitation on to other choreographers who may be interested to showcase their work! 

Thank you,

Priscilla Kaufhold & Melissa Goodling (on behalf of TSS)

WHO: Theater of the Seventh Sister

WHAT: Barbara Barden Dance Series 

WHERE:  The Lancaster Country Day School, 725 Hamilton Road, Lancaster PA 17603

WHEN:  Saturday, November 23, 2017 @ 7:30pm and Sunday, November 24, 2017 @ 2:0.0pm

TICKETS:  $15.00 general admission; from TSS website or at the door

FOR DANCE SERIES INFORMATION CONTACT: Priscilla Kaufhold 717-606-2360, or Melissa Goodling at

The Lancaster Country Day School thrust stage is 27 feet deep and 30 feet wide.

Please Email us for more information.

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